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In this tutorial, we will discuss the Apttus tutorial, and also we will see how to maximize the Apttus Pricing, Attributes, and Advanced Product Selection in Salesforce and will demonstrate the tools to administer and implement Apttus CLM effectively. Whether you’re an administrator or beginner, we’ll help you get started quickly with the best practices.

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Some Of The Topics Discussed In This Apptuss Tutorial:

0:00:00 Introduction To Mindmajix
0:01:24 Agenda
0:02:17 Apttus Overview
0:03:39 CPQ Background & Overview
0:07:17 Advantages of using Apttus CPQ
0:10:40 How does Apttus work?
0:13:01 How to get Apttus CPQ packages and installation?
0:14:25 CPQ Product Models
0:17:14 How to define Catalogs?
0:20:16 Getting Started with Apttus CPQ: Pricing
0:23:10 CPQ cycle and Quoting Generation Process
0:25:14 Career and Job Opportunities on Apttus
0:26:00 Apttus Certification

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Skills Covered:

✅ Apttus CPQ fundamentals
✅ Navigate Apttus CPQ
✅ Articulate Apttus core CPQ capabilities
✅ Set up and maintain users
✅ Implementing and Executing the standard Apttus functionalities

Why Should You Learn Apttus?

Many leading organizations are using Apttus and the number is growing every day. The demand for trained Apttus professionals will increase even further due to its growing popularity across multiple organizations around the globe. According to Payscale.com, the average salary of an Apttus Professional is around $165,444 per annum.

Who Should Learn Apttus?

► Sales Representatives
► Consultants
► Apttus specialists
► HR professionals
► Administrators

KeyFeatures :

? Learn from Industry Experts
? Gain Job-ready Skills
? 24/7 Support
? Dedicated Learning Mentors
? Guaranteed Job Interviews
? Real-life Projects
? Get Certified

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