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This WSO2 ESB video from Mindmajix helps the students to get in-depth knowledge of features of the WSO2 as well as the underlying concepts and standards. The WSO2 ESB Training covers both fundamentals and advanced topics of WSO2 with practical examples. When you’re done with this online training, you’ll have a better understanding of WSO2 ESB and be more prepared for the WSO2 certifications.

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🔵 About WSO2 ESB Training.

WSO2 ESB is the main integration engine of WSO2 Enterprise Integrator. It is a lightweight, component-oriented, and user-friendly ESB distributed under the Apache software. This open-source software allows developers and administrators to integrate services and applications quickly and efficiently. It supports eventing, transport switching, priority-based and rule-based mediation for advanced integration requirements. A wide variety of enterprise integration patterns such as service chaining, forward, and store are included in the ESB that help to connect multiple services and compose value-added services in a shorter period.

🔵 What are the Job Roles offered to WSO2 ESB Professionals?

✔️ WSO2 Developer
✔️ WSO2 Integration Engineer
✔️ WSO2 Integration Architect

📢 Skills Covered:

✅ Identify the fundamental building blocks of SOA.
✅ Design message flows for routing, filtering, and transforming messages.
✅ Configure Transports ( VFS / Files, JMS, TCP).
✅ Integrate EI with other WSO2 products.
✅ Extend WSO2 ESB’s functionality, such as creating custom connectors, custom mediators or writing tasks.
✅ Implement deployment strategies.
✅ Create REST APIs and proxy services for exposing simple web services and applications.
✅ Connect to LDAPs and databases.
✅ Manage application lifecycle and version upgrades.

🔑 KeyFeatures :

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👉 Gain Job-ready Skills.
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👉 Real-life Projects.
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