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What Is ServiceNow | Why ServiceNow | Introduction To ServiceNow [ServiceNow User Interface] - YouTube - 365 Community

What Is ServiceNow | Why ServiceNow | Introduction To ServiceNow [ServiceNow User Interface] – YouTube

This MindMajix video on What Is ServiceNow will help you to know why servicenow, cloud deployment model, introduction to ITSM, servicenow releases, servicenow stack, servicenow user interface, helpful portals etc. ServiceNow is a cloud-based IT Service Management (ITSM) platform that enables the automation of IT business management. It is built in accordance with ITIL criteria to ensure that tasks, operations, and workflows are service-oriented. It leverages machine learning to accelerate and scale enterprises by using data and workflows.

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0:00:00 Introduction to Mindmajix
0:00:24 Agenda
0:01:15 Section Outline
0:02:02 ServiceNow Introduction
0:05:14 Cloud Deployment Model
0:06:59 Now Platform
0:07:57 Why ServiceNow
0:10:35 Introduction of ITSM
0:13:28 ServiceNow Releases
0:16:22 ServiceNow Stack
0:17:40 Creating Personal Developer Instance(PDI)
0:27:45 App Engine Studio
0:29:49 Banner
0:30:50 Dashboard
0:31:06 Incidents
0:33:34 ServiceNow User Interface
0:33:46 Helpful Portals
0:36:37 User Interface
0:36:57 System Settings
0:39:47 Application Menus & Modules
0:41:02 Problems Menu

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Stay current with our ServiceNow Course. It includes new features included in the ServiceNow release and explains how they interact with existing functionality. It’s a great fit for all roles looking to learn ServiceNow from experts and start their Journey. You’ll develop key skills through interactive labs, practice tests, and projects.

🟒 Why Should You Learn ServiceNow?

ServiceNow is one of the leading ITSM tools today, which is holding almost triple the shares of its competitors in the marketplace. Technology research giant Gartner has ranked ServiceNow as a leader in its recent release of Magic Quadrant for the Software Asset Management Tools. The speed with which ServiceNow has grown in the ITSM arena is phenomenal, and this created a huge demand and growth opportunities for ServiceNow technical experts. Hence, getting ServiceNow Training and Certification can open up doors for you to unlimited job opportunities with high salaries. This ServiceNow Course is completely oriented toward practical applications and hence gives you a clear advantage.

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