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This Mindmajix video on Unix Shell Scripting Online Training will provide you with in-depth knowledge about the extensive explanation of introductory concepts of UNIX Shell Scripting and give you the basic topics which cover variables, basic commands, parameters, etc.. It provides you with a step-by-step guide on how to use Unix Shell Scripting from scratch.

Skills Covered:

✅ Learn how to handle Unix commands
✅ Understand various Shells
✅ Understand how to Write Shell scripts to develop automated applications.
✅ Understand CGI Scripting

Topics Covered in this UNIX Shell Scripting Course Video

0:00:14 UNIX Shell Scripting Course Curriculum
0:01:14 Today’s Agenda
0:01:40 Basic commands
0:13:34 Introduction to UNIX & Shell Scripting
0:19:47 UNIX Shell Scripting Course technology in the Market
0:20:24 UNIX Shell Scripting Certification Available
0:20:32 Job Control & Crontab
0:25:51 Lab setup
0:26:46 UNIX Shell Scripting Course Resources
0:27:10 Demo questionnaire

KeyFeatures :

👉 Learn from Industry Experts
👉 Gain Job-ready Skills
👉 24/7 Support
👉 Dedicated Learning Mentors
👉 Guaranteed Job Interviews
👉 Real-life Projects
👉 Get Certified

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