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This MindMajix video on PySpark Interview Questions and Answers video includes all the frequently asked Interview questions that give you an idea to crack your PySpark interview smartly. These Interview questions are curated by experts and will help you to brush up your knowledge in PySpark. This video session is designed for both beginners and professionals who want to prepare for a PySpark Interview.

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? PySpark Interview Questions ➡

0:00:00 Introduction to MindMajix
0:01:33 Explain PySpark
0:02:19 State the difference between PySpark and other languages.
0:03:01 Why should we use PySpark?
0:03:25 What are the main Characteristics of PySpark?
0:04:14 What are the advantages of PySpark?
0:05:32 Tell me the disadvantages of PySpark.
0:06:24 What do you mean by SparkContext?
0:07:39 Explain SparkConf and how does it Work?
0:08:23 What do you know about SparkFiles?
0:08:48 Why do we need to mention the filename?
0:09:12 Describe getrootdirectory ().
0:09:30 What is PySpark Storage Level?
0:09:47 Explain Broadcast Variables in PySpark.
0:10:07 Why does the developer needs to do Serializers in PySpark?
0:10:29 When do you use Spark Stage info?
0:10:54 Which specific profiler do we use in PySpark?
0:11:54 How would you like to use Basic Profiler?
0:12:21 Can we use PySpark in the small data set?
0:12:41 What is PySpark Partition?
0:13:37 How many Partitions can you make in PySpark?
0:14:08 Tell me a few algorithms Which support PySpark.
0:14:41 Tell me the different SparkContext parameters.
0:14:29 What is RDD? Ho many types of RDDs are in PySpark?
0:16:28 Tell me the different cluster manager types in PySpark.
0:17:09 What do you understand about PySpark DataFrames?
0:17:34 Explain SparkSession in PySpark.
0:18:01 What do you know about PySpark UDF?
0:18:23 Describe PySpark Architecture.
0:18:44 Which workflow do we need to follow in PySpark?
0:19:14 Which workflow do we need to follow in PySpark?
0:19:35 Explain how RDD is created in PySpark.
0:20:48 Can we create a Data frame using an external database?
0:21:01 What is PySpark SQL?
0:21:27 Do you think PySpark is similar to SQL?
0:21:47 Why use Akka in PySpark?
0:22:06 How is PySpark exposed in Big Data?
0:22:34 Why do we use PySpark?
0:23:09 Do you thik that PySpark and Python are similar?
0:23:28 Can we use PySpark as a programming language?
0:23:38 Which one is the faster, PySpark or Pandas?
0:24:02 Why is PySparkhelpful for machine learning?
0:24:31 What do you think PySpark is important in DataScience?
0:25:03 Name a few of the companies that are using PySpark.
0:25:27 What are the different MLlib tools available in Spark?
0:25:46 Explain the function of Sparkcore.
0:26:13 List the main attributes used in Sparkconf.

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