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This MindMajix video on Spring Boot Interview Questions and Answers video includes all the frequently asked Interview questions that give you an idea to crack your Spring Boot interview smartly. These Interview questions are curated by experts and will help you to brush up your knowledge in Spring Boot. This video session is designed for both beginners and professionals who want to prepare for a Spring Boot Interview.

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0:00:00 Introduction to Mindmajix
0:00:50 What is Spring Boot and what is the need of that?
0:02:20 Spring Vs Spring Boot?
0:07:09 What are the features of Spring Boot?
0:12:12 What are the advantages of Spring Boot?
0:15:59 How many ways are there to create a Spring Boot Application?
0:17:34 What are the Spring Boot Starters?
0:19:30 What happens in the background when a spring boot application is “Run as Java Application”?
0:20:46 What is Spring Actuator and its advantage?
0:21:58 Can we change the port of the embedded Tomcat Server in Spring Boot?
0:23:08 What are the possible sources of external configuration?
0:24:52 What is thyme leaf and how to use thyme leaf?
0:25:58 What is the use of Spring Boot Dev Tools?
0:27:20 What is the default database configured in Spring Boot?
0:28:16 How to excute Spring Boot project using boot CLI?
0:29:35 What is auto configuration in Spring Boot?
0:31:42 What is YAML?
0:33:47 How to Implement Exception Handling in Spring Boot?
0:34:40 How to configure hibernate in Spring Boot?
0:35:56 How to enable Actuator in spring boot application?
0:36:37 How to create a custom endpoint in Spring Boot Actuator?
0:37:32 How to Implement Security for Spring Boot applications?
0:38:25 How to use logger in spring boot?
0:39:51 Why spring boot is used for microservices?
0:41:27 What are the uses of @RequestMapping and @RestController Annotation in spring boot?
0:44:14 What are the build tools we are using to develop spring boot application?
0:45:07 How to handle 404 erroe in spring boot?
0:46:39 Is it possible to replace the embedded tomcat server in spring boot?
0:47:35 How to Implement Pagination and Sorting with Spring boot?
0:48:44 How to Implement Profiles using spring boot?
0:50:11 How to Implement batches using spring boot?

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🟒 Spring Boot Job Roles?

βœ… Java developers
βœ… Architects
βœ… Application developers

🟒 Why Should You Learn Spring Boot:

Spring Boot is used to developing stand-alone Java-based applications, which you can just execute. It is a module of Spring, which makes life easier for Java developers. According to the latest survey, Spring Boot is adopted by 55% of Fortune 500 companies. The average pay for a Spring Boot developer is $119,986 per year – The demand for trained professionals is rapidly increasing compared to previous years in the market.

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