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This MindMajix video on Node.JS Interview Questions and Answers video includes all the frequently asked Interview questions that give you an idea to crack your Node.JS interview smartly. These Interview questions are curated by experts and will help you to brush up your knowledge in Node.JS. This video session is designed for both beginners and professionals who want to prepare for a Node.JS Interview.

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Node.JS Interview Questions ➑
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Examples of Node.js ➑
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0:00:00 Introduction to Mindmajix
0:00:15 What is Node.js? Where can you use it?
0:01:39 Why use Node.js?
0:02:34 How does Node.js work?
0:04:13 Why is Node.js Single-threaded?
0:05:04 Explain callback in Node.js?
0:05:51 How would you define the term I/O?
0:06:31 How is Node.js most frequently used?
0:08:46 What is REPL in Node.js?
0:10:56 What is a repository in Git?
0:11:18 What is a commit message?
0:11:56 What is NPM?
0:12:18 What are Modules in Node.js?
0:12:54 For what require () is used in Node.js?
0:13:40 What are Modules in Node.js?
0:14:59 How can you import external libraries into Node.js?
0:15:39 How to publish own packages in Node.js?
0:16:28 How to create server in Node.js?
0:16:52 How to set response Headers in Node.js?
0:17:09 What is the use of URL Module in Node.js?
0:17:34 What is the Express package?
0:18:17 What are the features of Express?
0:18:48 What is the middleware functions in Express.js?
0:19:23 What is the template engines how to use them?
0:20:17 What is express generator?
0:20:39 What is router?
0:22:17 What is a callback function?
0:23:04 What are promises used for?
0:23:56 What are arrow functions?
0:24:56 What are Template Literals?
0:26:33 What are promises?
0:27:47 What are the states of promises?
0:35:00 What is mongoose used for?
0:35:32 What is handlebars used for?
0:37:08 What is MySQL?
0:45:00 What is the difference between AJAX and REST?
0:46:27 What are the advantages of REST Web services?
0:47:23 What is a resource in Restful Web services?
0:47:58 What is the purpose of a URI in REST based Webservices?
0:49:09 What are the HTTP methods supported by REST?
0:52:12 What is Authentication & Authorization?
0:53:32 What are Cookies?
0:55:32 What about HTTP Basic Authentication?
0:56:16 What is session?
0:57:21 How node.js manages session in applications?
0:57:49 What is passport.js?
0:58:21 What are CSRF Attacks?
1:00:25 What do you understand by Microservices?
1:02:39 What are the main features of Microservices?
1:08:35 How does Docker help in Microservices?
1:09:44 What is the role of RESTful APIs in Microservices?
1:10:17 What is Docker?
1:10:37 What are the advantages of using Docker container?
1:11:02 What is Docker hub?

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🟒 Node.JS Job Roles?

βœ… Technical leads and project managers
βœ… Full Stack web developers
βœ… QAs
βœ… Architects
βœ… Web developers
βœ… Testing professionals
βœ… Software architects

🟒 Why Should You Learn Node.JS:

There are numerous job opportunities for Node.js developers worldwide. The job market and popularity of Node.js is constantly growing over the past few years. According to, the average salary of Node.js developer is about $115000 USD per annum.

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