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This MindMajix video on SAML In Okta will help you know in detail about Security Assertion Markup Language. Okta is an identity management service that allows us to access any employer to any application on any device. It is hosted on a secure server. It makes use of cloud technologies to assist businesses to manage and securing user authentication into apps. It sells various services, including single sign-on, which is one of the greatest programmes since it has the unique feature of allowing users to log in to many applications via a single centralized process.

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0:00:00 Introduction to Mindmajix
0:01:05 Agenda
0:00:58 SSO Protocols
0:02:06 SSO
0:02:53 SAML Terms
0:03:47 Service Provider
0:04:05 Identity Provider
0:14:54 Service Provider Initiated
0:15:51 Identity Provider Initiated
0:17:33 SAML Terms Contd.
0:21:57 Assertion Consumer Service (ACS)
0:22:30 (IdP) Identity Provider
0:27:55 Default Relay State
0:28:05 End Point
0:28:13 Entity ID
0:29:42 Metadata
0:32:33 Name ID
0:33:47 SAML Flow
0:38:11 Create a new app integration
0:39:26 Create SAML Integration
0:40:28 My First SAML App

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