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This Mindmajix video on Blue Prism Online Training will provide you with in-depth knowledge about the extensive explanation of introductory concepts of Blue Prism and give you the basic topics which cover multi BOT architecture and deploying blue prism and more. It provides you with a step-by-step guide on how to use Blue Prism from scratch.

Skills Covered:

✅ Using Blue Prism tools and exploring the areas of RPA
✅ Setup essentials of Blue Prism
✅ Confidently utilize the Blue Prism Process Design Template
✅ Work proficiently with the leading RPA tool
✅ Fundamental UI automation

Topics Covered In this RPA Blue Prism Video:

0:01:17 Today’s Agenda
0:01:49 Trainer Profile
0:02:10 RPA Blue Prism Course Curriculum
0:02:20 What is RPA
0:08:42 RPA Tools
0:10:31 RPA Blue Prism
0:12:30 Blue Prism Architecture
0:18:05 Features of Blue prism
0:19:42 Companies using Blue prism
0:20:02 Components of Blue prism
0:21:38 RPA Blue Prism Course technology in the Market
0:24:38 RPA Blue Prism Certification Available
0:25:50 Usage of Stages using Demo
0:38:44 RPA Blue Prism Project we will demonstrate
0:43:52 Lab setup
0:44:05 RPA Blue Prism Related Course Resources

0:44:44 Demo questionnaire

KeyFeatures :

👉 Learn from Industry Experts
👉 Gain Job-ready Skills
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👉 Dedicated Learning Mentors
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👉 Real-life Projects
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