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This MindMajix video on RegEx Tool In AlterYX will help you to know how to use RegEx tool, what are Regular Expressions etc. With the reference of time, new data types have been introduced that are more complex and require many additional tools to analyze. Covering up the entire situation, Alteryx has a great number of advanced tools that can cleanse, blend, and analyze modern data types along with the traditional ones without any hustle.

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This online Alteryx course teaches you the building blocks required to complete more complex analytical tasks using Alteryx Designer. You’ll comprehend the core concepts that will enable you to prepare, parse, transform, and analyze data from different sources and output their results. Other important areas you’ll explore in this AlterYX certification course include spatial analytics for creating points, polygons and lines, macros and apps to minimize workflow dependencies, creating reports for consumption, and more. Make the most of the Alteryx with this hands-on course for superior insights.

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