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In this tutorial, we will discuss the Python tutorial, gain in-depth knowledge on all the essential concepts of Object-Oriented Programming, Python Programming, third-party modules, etc. Python Course provides you with a gateway to enhance your career in the world of programming. Learn Python from scratch through Mindmajix’s Python Training.

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Some Of The Topics Discussed In This Python Tutorial:

0:00:00 Introduction To Mindmajix
0:02:28 Agenda for Python Webinar
0:03:48 Features of Python
0:09:29 History of Python
0:10:11 Industry Giants using Python
0:12:08 Python installation
0:14:35 Strings in Python
0:39:20 Important pre-defined functions in Strings
0:47:16 Lists in Python
0:56:19 Important pre-defined functions in Lists
1:03:49 Functions in Python
1:18:50 Files in Python
1:30:51 Course content in MindMajix

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About Python:

Python Course at Mindmajix is designed to make you an expert in performing various Python programming tasks that are complex and tedious in nature. Our Python Training will make you proficient and skilled in all the essential concepts such as Installation, Operators, Data Types, Strings, Looping Statements, and many more. You will also gain expertise in OOPs concepts and Python Packages.

Who Should Learn Python?

► Freshers
► Software developers
► Project Managers
► Software Testing Professionals
► Professionals having experience of Programming

Skills Covered:

✅ advanced concepts of Python Programming
✅ Implement loops and conditional statements
✅ Object-oriented programming concepts
✅ Python functions
✅ Django Framework

KeyFeatures :

👉 Learn from Industry Experts
👉 Gain Job-ready Skills
👉 24/7 Support
👉 Dedicated Learning Mentors
👉 Guaranteed Job Interviews
👉 Real-life Projects
👉 Get Certified

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India : +91 905 240 3388
USA : +1 917 456 8403

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