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This MindMajix Power BI Training (Power BI Full Course) offers topic-based learning on maximizing the value of organizational data assets, data repositories and data processes, both on-premise and in the cloud using Power BI. This course covers topics used in the actual implementations in BI Industry, such as designing and building scalable data models, designing visualizations and reporting data insights.

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1. SQL Basics
2. Azure Fundamentals
3. Agile & Scrum Basics

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🔥 About Power BI Training:

Discover how to gather insights from data using Power BI. This Power BI course brings together familiar operations, including Excel, Access, Power Pivot, Power Query, etc., to help you quickly get move from the basics and on to comprehensive analysis. You’ll learn how to import data from different sources, compose advanced formulas, pin visualizations to dashboards for sharing, as well as ask questions about your data with Power BI Q&A.

Also, our trainer shows how to leverage the DAX language and use the M language to improve the querying process. Upon completion of this Power BI online course, as a trained professional, you can start using this BI tool and extract data from multiple unrelated sources to create compelling and engaging reports, and deliver real-time insights!

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