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This MindMajix video on Numpy In Data Science will help you to gain in-depth knowledge of what is Numpy, Why to use Numpy, How to use Numpy, and Functions in Numpy. A data application acquires its value from the data itself and creates more data as a result. It’s not just an application with data; it’s a data product. Data science enables the creation of data products.

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🔵 Data Science

The word “Data Science” has been buzzing around for 30 years. In 1960s this term was originally known as “Computer Science” and used to define the survey of data processing techniques used in various applications. However, today, data science is not only the exclusive dominating factor for statisticians and computer scientists, but many people from other disciplines are embracing it along with analytics to contribute to evidence-based planning in their respective fields.

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✔️ Big Data, Analyst and Business Intelligence Professionals
✔️ Machine Learning Professionals
✔️ Predictive Analytics and Information Architects
✔️ Big Data Statisticians
✔️ Individuals seeking a Data Science career

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