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This Mindmajix Node.js online training video familiarises you with the fundamental concepts of Node.js and provides hands-on experience in building applications efficiently using JavaScript. This Training is specially designed for the developers striving for a successful career in this field. You’ll gain an in-depth knowledge of HTTP, filesystems, MongoDB, Express, data sources, SQLite CRUD operations.

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🔵 Why should you learn Node.js?

There are numerous job opportunities for Node.js developers worldwide. The job market and popularity of Node.js is constantly growing over the past few years. According to, the average salary of a Node.js developer is about $115000 USD per annum.

🔵 Who should learn Node.js?

✔️ Technical leads and project managers
✔️ Full-Stack web developers
✔️ QAs
✔️ Architects
✔️ Web developers
✔️ Testing professionals
✔️ Software architects

📢 Skills Covered:

✅ Build HTTP server
✅ Work with the file system
✅ Streams
✅ Events
✅ Buffers
✅ Multi-processing in Node.js

🔑 KeyFeatures :

👉 Learn from Industry Experts.
👉 Gain Job-ready Skills.
👉 24/7 Support.
👉 Dedicated Learning Mentors.
👉 Guaranteed Job Interviews.
👉 Real-life Projects.
👉 Get Certified.

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