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MindMajix’s MongoDB certification course will get you familiar with MongoDB and arm you with the necessary skills to start using this database to power your application. With training designed and led by MongoDB consultants, you’ll be furnished with the knowledge to build solutions to complex development. You’ll gain proficiency in everything from installation to configuration, monitoring, backups, security, scaling out, and performance tuning with practical examples.

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🧾 Some Of The Topics Discussed In This MongoDB Training:

0:00:00 Introduction To MindMajix
0:02:15 Scope Of The Demo
0:02:56 MongoDB Course Outline
0:03:57 What is there Before MongoDB
0:04:50 MySQL And MongoDB
0:05:57 RDBMS VS MongoDB
0:07:03 What Is MongoDB
0:11:47 When MongoDB Should Be Used
0:15:17 Where Is MongoDB Data Stored In Windows
0:17:15 Why MongoDB Is Faster
0:19:05 Who Use MongoDB
0:20:26 How MongoDB Work
0:31:56 Creating An Collection
0:35:24 Document Based Data Model
0:38:07 MongoDB Training Projects
0:41:53 MongoDB Mock Interviews

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🔵 Why Should You Take this MongoDB Training?

MongoDB hit the market capital for 10B in recent times and is expected to grow beyond. Providing the best environment to manage Big Data also provides more job opportunities for the coming years. Competitors for MongoDB are far beyond which hints at the position of MongoDB in the market.

🔵 What are the Job Opportunities Available for MongoDB Professionals?

MongoDB provides the best of databases to major web systems. In a world where e-commerce is in full swing, MongoDB offers features to help these e-com websites to be more productive with its features increasing its client’s number providing more job opportunities for MongoDB professionals.

📢 Skills Covered:

✅ MongoDB replication.
✅ Replica sets and shards.
✅ Authentication mechanism.
✅ MongoDB configurations.
✅ CRUD operations.
✅ Database management using MongoDB queries.
✅ Upserts, inserts, updates, and collections.
✅ Aggregation and indexes.
✅ Backup and restore data.
✅ MongoDB ops manager operations.

KeyFeatures :

👉 Learn from Industry Experts
👉 Gain Job-ready Skills
👉 24/7 Support
👉 Dedicated Learning Mentors
👉 Guaranteed Job Interviews
👉 Real-life Projects
👉 Get Certified

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