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This MindMajix video on Create Azure Web Application will help you to gain in-depth knowledge on how to create azure web applications and what are the Azure App Services. Azure app services are Platform as a Service (Paas) models in the Azure cloud platform that enables you to focus on your business logic while Azure takes care of the infrastructure to run and scale your apps. It is a fully managed to compute platform that is optimized for hosting websites and web applications.

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πŸ”΅ Azure app service includes 4 application development and hosting environments.

  1. Web App
  2. Mobile App
  3. Logic Apps
  4. API Apps

πŸ”΅ App Services Architecture:

Azure App service runs on top of Microsoft’s PaaS offering. Applications can be containerized and packaged to be scalable and platform-independent.

Microsoft provides built-in connectors, Code integrations, CDN, and default domain for all app service applications. App service applications and all resource manager objects for your apps like database, application insights can be grouped into a resource manager and deployed into an azure region near to your customer base.

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