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MindMajix video sessions on Blockchain Training covers essential concepts like Blockchain programming, Ethereum, Solidity, Digital ledger types, Smart Contracts, Multichain, Bitcoin mining, Cryptocurrency, etc. This MindMajix video on Blockchain Training will give a complete knowledge of Blockchain technology.

📝 Some Of The Topics Discussed In This Blockchain Training Video:

0:00:00 Introduction To MindMajix
0:00:30 Top 10 most trending Technologies right now
0:01:24 Why Blockchain as a Career?
0:03:26 Different Job Roles in Blockchain
0:04:53 Centralised vs Decentralised vs Distributed Networks
0:08:47 Centralised System In Blockchain
0:09:29 Properties of Blockchain
0:14:33 The Origin of Blockchain Course
0:16:02 The Common misconception
0:17:09 General Terms in Blockchain Training
0:18:49 What is Blockchain Course?
0:24:17 How Blockchain works?
0:25:22 The Blockchain Trilemma
0:25:31 Consensus Protocol – What it is and its types
0:28:18 Popular Types of Consensus
0:28:22 Proof of work
0:30:51 Proof of Stake
0:30:53 PBFT (Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance)

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KeyFeatures :

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About Blockchain Training:

Blockchain Training assists you in developing and implementing your blockchain skills for developing business applications. Blockchain training by industry experts provides you with real-time knowledge for performing different types of transactions. During blockchain training, you can gain extensive knowledge of blockchain technologies like Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency.

Why Should You Learn Blockchain Course?

Blockchain is a new kind of digital technology that supports data transparency and decentralization. Due to its extensive features, it is applicable in various industries like Banking, Healthcare, Finance, etc. According to Glassdoor, the pay scale of a Blockchain Developer is $76,526 Per Annum, and it may vary depending upon the experience.

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